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Tips For Choosing the Best San Jose Painting Company:

Experts agree that choosing a painting contractor should be a process that involves several important steps, and that to miss any of these steps along the way could compromise your opportunity to hire the right painter. With so many fly-by-night painters in the field today, the likelihood that you’ll come across a less than reputable painter increases every year. You can protect yourself from unscrupulous contractors by following a few tips in your search for the right San Jose painting company.

Tip #1: Look into experience. You want a painter that has been in the business for a long time and has come across nearly every scenario that can be imagined. Experience and expertise in painting cannot be substituted with any other quality. As a company that has been in the painting industry for 10 years, N-Style Painting can provide exceptionally high-quality service and 100% customer satisfaction. In fact, painters from N-Style take a lot of pride in practicing the most fine finish techniques in the industry.

Tip #2: Go with a contractor with their own employees. While many homeowners never stop to consider the issues of dealing with subcontractors, the fact is that they can bring a lot of drama into the mix that you’re simply better off leaving out of the equation. Direct employees answer to the contractor alone, are insured under the contractor’s policy and are licensed under the same. Why make things more complicated if you don’t have to? N-Style Painting employs professionals who are expert in interior/exterior painting, sealing, staining, texturing, dry rot repair, epoxy flooring, cabinet finishing and weatherproofing. Call 408-518-2144 to speak with one of their specialists.

Tip #3: Let’s talk about references. Unlike online reviews that can be deceiving, references are local clients within your community that can vouch first-hand for work they have received from your prospective contractor. If your contractor doesn’t offer references for you to email, call or drive by, keep looking. Visit N-Style Painting’s online photo gallery to see the results you can expect from their professional painters. If you’d like references, feel free to ask. Schedule your free estimate by clicking on the blue link at the bottom right of any website page or call N-Style at 408-518-2144 with your questions.

Tip #4: Make sure your San Jose painting company offers a guarantee on the workmanship and on the materials. They should be using the best products the industry has to offer, with a full guarantee of their workmanship. Send your questions in the form of an email to or fill out the brief online contact form to learn more about why N-Style Painting is the right contractor for your upcoming project. Their experts will not leave the job until you are 100% satisfied with the results. Why call any other contractor?

San Jose Painting Company