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You may have tried to paint the walls of your home or office, or even the exterior of your house, by yourself and failed. Painting might look easy, but for a smooth finish with no glares or paint streaks, it should be done by a professional.
N-Style Painting works only with trustworthy painting contractors in Roseville, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Finding someone to paint your house in Roseville is easy, but finding a professional who will provide the finest finish is what you should focus on.

N-Style Painting guarantees a job well done by our trusted painting contractors in Roseville. We offer various painting services in the Roseville area, from exterior painting to cabinet painting and finishing. Contact us today for a quote from a painter in Roseville!

Residential Painting

Give your home a facelift and a stylish look. N Style Painting offers residential painting. We service homes in Roseville and surrounding areas. 

Commercial Painting

N Style Painting provides top-quality commercial painting in the Bay Area. Make a great fist impression by having a great looking quality paint-job.

Eichler Home Painting

Eichler homes require very unique and precise painting techniques. N Style Painting has many years of experience painting Eichler homes. We can provide your home the attention it deserves. 

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Painting Contractors in Roseville, CA


N-Style Painting offers the best professional painters in the Roseville area for a range of services, including exterior and interior painting, as well as deck staining and sealing.
Our team can paint your walls and cabinets, seal and finish them to perfection. We also repair dry rot and provide specialized Eichler home painting services. For more information on our services, please continue reading.

House Painting

Does your house in Roseville need to be painted? Our professional painting contractors only work with the best equipment and the best paint for the job.
Sun, rain, and extreme weather conditions can damage your house's exterior paint, causing it to fade or crack just a few years after application, especially if the paint or the painter was not up to standard.
At N-Style Painting, we take Roseville's climate into consideration and use only the best paint brands to ensure your house's paint remains vibrant and durable. We use top paint brands for safe applications that are also easy to clean up, such as:

  • Benjamin Moore
  • Sherwin-Williams
  • Behr Pro
  • Dunn-Edwards
  • Investing time and energy into a painting job is the most important part of the job. A well-painted wall should be free from reflections and streaks, with an even color throughout the entire surface. Our trusted painters are committed to completing the job efficiently and ensuring your house looks fresh and beautiful for many years to come.
    We help you select the best type of paint for your area, neighborhood, and home to ensure long-lasting results.

    Interior & Exterior Painting

    You simply must let a professional painter paint your interior and exterior walls. When it comes to painting, the lights inside the house can really point out the flaws in a paint job.
    Over layering the paint or not painting the walls equally are the most common problems when it comes to painting interior walls.
    Also, unless you are an expert, like our Roseville painters are, there is a high possibility that the paint will get on your floors, furniture or ceiling if you don’t know how to cover everything in a clean, professional way.
    For exterior paint, it is very important to pick the correct type of paint for your exterior by considering the weather conditions in Roseville, the condition of your current pain and of course, your preferred results for the job.
    N-Style Painting works only with the best of the best painters who will identify any issues on your exterior walls that need to be fixed, such as:
    Removing old paint
    Inspecting the drywall
    Repairing holes or cracks and applying putty
    Painting the walls to perfection
    Providing a flawless finish
    A point of pride for our company is that our painters are highly knowledgeable with certain types of paintwork, how to make sure to use the correct amount of paint for your walls and how to clean it up like nothing ever happened.
    After N-Style Painting painters are done, you will not have to seek spots that are not equally painted or clean what the painters left behind.

    Commercial Painting

    Commercial painting is much more demanding than a house, interior or exterior painting. Because it is a much bigger job, finding a trustable painter that won’t flake out after half of the job is done or promises to finish by a deadline but doesn’t come through, can be hard.
    N-Style Painting professional, trustable painting contractors will always show up on time, spread their work into a reasonable timeframe and finish the job by the deadline you were given to.
    Our trustable painters in Roseville will help you pick the most affordable, quality paints for the commercial paint job and leave you with nothing but a satisfied feeling about the painting.

    Lawn Painting

    Sometimes the sun can fade or damage your grass. Spray painting your lawn green can make it look vibrant, healthy, and alive. If you don’t think your grass is worth the investment or your soil isn’t suitable for growing green, healthy grass, N-Style Painting can help.
    We’ll find the perfect shade of green to bring your lawn back to life so you can enjoy spending time in it in Roseville.
    Our trustworthy painters are highly experienced with spray painting and will restore your lawn to perfection in no time. They take every precaution to ensure the paint doesn’t get on anything else. Once our painting contractor is done with your lawn, no one will be able to tell if it’s painted or not.
    You’ll have the healthiest-looking, greenest lawn in your Roseville neighborhood.

    Eichler Home Painting

    Walls made of different materials require specific paint jobs. Trim work, roof flashing, and exterior doors are important considerations when painting an Eichler home. Your modern Eichler home in Roseville needs precise trim work to ensure the paint enhances its beauty without distraction.
    N-Style Painting's professional painters in the Roseville area paint Eichler homes effortlessly. Our clean work, without causing any damage, will ensure you call us again when it's time for a repaint. We also specialize in deck staining and sealing.

    Cabinets & Finishing

    The sanding, the repainting, and finishing with a gloss is how we redo your kitchen cabinets or any other cabinet. Making sure that the paint is laid equally and thin enough is the first thing we focus on after sanding the cabinets back to their original material.
    N-Style Painting contractors in Roseville are equipped with the best tools to paint your cabinets to your dream color and do it in the cleanest, fastest way possible. Our professional painters and contractors use top quality sealers and paints to assure durability and safety of your new cabinets.
    Finishing your cabinets with an amazing gloss sealer or any sealer of your choice so you can use them without worrying about scratches or dry paint.

    Dry Rot Repair

    Our professional painters in Roseville care about your health. Dry rot is a fungus that needs immediate attention once discovered. Humidity is the main cause of dry rot, and Roseville’s somewhat humid climate throughout the year can contribute to its development.
    Although the fungus itself is not toxic, dry rot can trigger asthma attacks. Addressing dry rot should be left to professionals. N-Style Painting, along with trusted painting contractors, can handle your dry rot issue either before painting or as a standalone service.
    We use top-quality fungicides to eliminate your dry rot problem, ensuring the safety of both you and your home. Contact us today for a quote to repair your dry rot with the help of trusted professionals in Roseville!

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