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Long lasting substrate preservation exterior paint jobs.



Tidy and professional precise craftsmanship interior paint jobs.


Staining & Sealing

Beautify, richen and preserve your deck and fence.



Emulate any texture and acoustic ceiling removal.


Dry Rot Repair

Replace your dry rot/termite damage before painting.


Cabinets & Finishing

Turn those old cabinets into gems without the big price tags of new cabinets.


Epoxy Floors

Transform your old cracked garage floor into a masterpiece with a showroom glow.

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Lifetime Coatings

Decrease you energy bills and receive a paint job that lasts 3 times longer than a normal paint job.

Does your home need a face-lift? N Style has got you covered

What makes N Style Different

Our Critical Path to Each Job


  • Greet and walkthrough with customer and foreman so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Mask and protect all floors from dust, paint and over spray.
  • Protect all furniture with delicate plastic.
  • Create zipwall of plastic to areas that are in danger of getting dusty.
  • Sand down old brush strokes and stipple from previous paint jobs and bondo/spackle and body work in need.
  • Prime and make sure all joints are caulked efficiently.
  • Either spray or brush multiple fine finish coats to all trim.
  • Once trim is complete and fully cured, then we tape off the trim and seal the edge and get started on brushing and rolling the walls.
  • What’s left is an eternal reflection of beauty with razor sharp paint lines.
  • Acting foreman or project manager performs a final walkthrough to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Remove all garbage and tools as if we were never there.


  • Greet and walkthrough with customer and foreman so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Mask all windows and doors.
  • Delicately wrap all plants and shrubs and protect floors and concrete to avoid being over sprayed.
  • Scrape, sand, clean, and apply elastomeric primer to all wood (fascia, siding, window trim, belly bands etc.). This step properly encapsulates all the hyper lips from the mil thickness difference.
  • Caulk the entire body to eave joint around the entire perimeter of the house
  • When prep is 100% complete we get going on the body.
  • For stucco substrates we spray and back-roll for proper penetration into the peaks and valleys for full and rich look.
  • For smooth siding substrates we avoid the back rolling technique — the stipple texture from the roller is less desirable and aesthecially unpleasing.
  • Once body is complete we paint all trim by hand by brushing and rolling.
  • All front doors are handled last.
  • Acting foreman or project manager performs a final walkthrough to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Remove all garbage and tools as if we were never there.

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What clients are saying about us

  •   Dear Mr.Pierce, I have read your response and I stand by my original post that the business that you represented to my partner at the beginning of the year is not adequately insured for workers compensation coverage As you have employees.

    I am staring right now at your quote.  It states in writing that your license number is 928085.  Go to the CSLB website and put in this number.  You will see the following as I did.

    "This license is exempt from having workers compensation insurance; they certified that they have no employees at this time."

    Effective Date: 12/07/2021
    Expire Date: None
    Workers' Compensation History

    It's 100% clear what this says in addition this entity was established in 2009 and is located Roseville, California.

    You then presented/posted proof of workers comp coverage BUT THIS IS FOR A DIFFERENT CONTRACTORS LICENSE, with a different listing from the CSLB and located in a different location and under a different ownership according to your own website. (Nick Foster owns this company not NicK Pierce according to your website) This company that you are affiliated with the license is SUSPENDED.  #1086563. Below is the exact quote from the CLSB website as of 4/30/2023.

    License is under suspension for the following reasons:
    License is under suspension for failure to comply with Workers Comp. A workers´ compensation certificate or exemption statement may have been received by the Board but not yet processed. Once the certificate or exemption statement is processed the suspension will be lifted retroactively to the effective date of the certificate or exemption statement. Ask the contractor for proof of worker's compensation and contact the insurance company to verify coverage.

    So what you posted for Proof is for the San Jose company NOT the Roseville company that you own and work for. They are separate entities according to CSLB.

    This is like being pulled over by a cop and asked for proof of insurance and you hand them the insurance for your Mercedes (or a friends car) but not for your truck that you were driving. That wouldn't fly.

    Lastly, in your reply you stated you just opened the Roseville business and that doesn't seem to be true unless you believe 14 years ago is just opened.

    If anything I have stated here is not true i am prepared to take down this whole post immediately but the potential damages and liability to a homeowner if you indeed don't have coverage is steep.  Also, the risks you are taking with the CLSB is steep too.  Look it up.

    Good luck.

    thumb Bill C.
  •   We contracted the N Style to repaint the interior of our 1950s home in Sacramento.  They were able to accommodate our fast timeline and did excellent work.  I also appreciated the timely communication and frequent check-ins.  I am quite happy with their work and recommend them without hesitation.

    thumb Shaun C.
  •   Nick's crew just finished painting our master bedroom and bathroom, and did an excellent job (and we are picky :)! Everyone was very professional, friendly, and punctual; the work was done in the time estimated. Great job of prepping the areas and cleaning up afterwards. We highly recommend Nick and his team!

    thumb Patrick M.
  •   Top quality client-driven painting company.

    We are so pleased with the experience and results!

    Our dining room never could look better. I gave them the color and the photo of exactly what I wanted and they delivered.

    We had the ceiling and walls painted with baseboard,  crown molding and wainscoting installed. See photo.
    Honest, professional, big enough to meet our needs with adequate personnel to deliver results and finish in a very timely fashion.

    Yet small enough to be dealing with the owner throughout and giving us the final touches we wanted.

    The crew was so nice and respectful of our property. They did a great prep job and we are very happy with how everything turned out. Very well done, and we couldn't recommend them more.

    N-Style Painting are folks we highly  recommend to others.

    thumb Diane S.
  •   Excellent overall. Nick and his team are all very professional and responsive. I had the exterior of my house painted. It looks great.

    I decided to get a portion of my bathroom wall replaced, because one of the painters discovered water damage inside it.  Bernardo is a skilled carpenter who can fix any issues that come up. He did an excellent job replacing that wall.  Another guy (I forget his name) meticulously replaced all the bathroom tiles on the interior side of the wall.

    thumb Elise B.
  •   Professional and thorough.  extremely happy with the job they did.  Hard working crew who is good at their job.

    thumb Joseph R.
  •   N Style did an absolutely gorgeous job on refinishing our sun beaten down door and we could not be more pleased with the results. Highly recommend!!!!

    thumb Kelly B.
  •   We worked with Nick on a moderate remodel of our house, which involved removing a large entertainment center, cabinet painting, drywall repair, and painting the entire interior and exterior of the house, including windows. The quality of the work was top notch and the painters worked with us to ensure that we got what we wanted. We will definitely be using them again for future projects.

    thumb Greg B.
  •   Our house looks great!  Nick and his team did an excellent job.  Our exterior paint condition was very bad.  The house looks like new.  They were very professional.  Highly recommend!!!

    thumb Sue V.
  •   Nick and his crew did a fantastic job patching and repainting ceilings, walls and installing baseboards in bathrooms after we had some previous electrical work done with another firm. The crew arrived on time daily, carefully covered all living space and floors with protective plastic before starting their work and they worked very diligently to complete the project thoroughly and on time. I strongly recommend their services. Nick is also very easy going and made the quote and project scheduling and execution process a breeze.

    thumb Ashwin W.