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You may have tried to paint the walls of your home or office or even the exterior of your house by yourself and failed. Painting, while looking easy, is a job that should only be done by a professional if you want a smooth finish with no glares or paint strikes that show under certain lights. N Style Painting only works with trustable painting contractors in Campbell, making sure you are 100% satisfied with the job. Finding someone to paint your house is easy in Campbell but finding a professional that is going to provide the finest finish on your paint job is what you should be focusing on. N Style Painting guarantees a job well done by out trusted painting contractors in Campbell. We offer many painting services in the Campbell area from exterior painting to cabinet painting & finishing. Contact us today to get a quote for a painter in Campbell.


Ranging from interior and exterior paint and even deck staining & sealing N Style Painting provides the best, professional painters in the Campbell area to paint your walls, cabinets, seal and finish them to perfection. We also repair dry rots and offer Eichler Home Painting services. For more information on the services, continue reading.

House Painting

Does your house in Campbell need to be painted? Our professional painting contractors only work with the best equipment and the best paint for the job. The sun, rain or extreme weather conditions damage your house paint, fading it out or cracking it a couple of years after it has been painted if the paint and the painter were not good enough. Taking the climate of Campbell into consideration, at N Style Painting, we use the best paint brands out there, so your house paint can be vibrant and durable. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr Pro and Edwards paints are only a couple of the top paint brands we use for a safe application that is also easy to clean up for our painters. Putting time and energy into a painting job is the most important part of the job. A well-painted wall will be reflection-free and strike free as well as making sure the color is equal throughout the entire surface. Our trustable painters are guaranteed to complete the job in a timely manner and have your house looking super fresh for many years to come, by choosing the best type of paint for your area, neighborhood and home with your help.

Interior & exterior painting

You simply must let a professional painter paint your interior and exterior walls. When it comes to painting, the lights inside the house can really point out the flaws in a paint job. Over layering the paint or not painting the walls equally are the most common problems when it comes to painting interior walls. Also, unless you are an expert, like our Campbell painters are, there is a high possibility that the paint will get on your floors, furniture or ceiling if you don’t know how to cover everything in a clean, professional way. For exterior paint, it is very important to pick the correct type of paint for your exterior by considering the weather conditions in Campbell, the condition of your current pain and of course, your preferred results for the job. N Style Painting works only with the best of the best of painters who will detect anything on your exterior walls that need to be fixed, like removing the old paint, checking the drywall, holes or cracks and puttying, paint the walls to perfection and provide a flawless finish. A point of pride for our company is that our painters are highly knowledgeable with how certain types of paintwork, how to make sure to use the correct amount of paint for your walls and how to clean it up like nothing ever happened. After N Style Painting painters are done, you will not have to seek spots that are not equally painted or clean what the painters left behind.

Commercial painting

Commercial painting is much more demanding than a house, interior or exterior painting. Because it is a much bigger job, finding a trustable painter that won’t flake out after half of the job is done or promises to finish by a deadline but doesn’t come through, can be hard. N Style Painting professional, trustable painting contractors will always show up on time, spread their work into reasonable a reasonable timeframe and finish the job by the deadline you were given to. Our trustable painters in Campbell will help you pick the most affordable, quality paints for the commercial paint job and leave you with nothing but a satisfied feeling about the painting.

Lawn painting

Sometimes the sun can fade out or straight up kill your grass. Spray painting a lawn green can make it look so much more colorful, healthy and alive. If you don’t feel like the grass is worth investing in or your soil is not suitable to grow green, healthy grass, N Style Painting can help you find the perfect shade of green to bring your lawn back to life so you can enjoy hanging out in your lawn in Campbell. Our trustable painters are highly experienced with spray painting and will spray paint your lawn back to perfection in no time while taking every precaution to make sure the paint doesn’t get on anything you wouldn't want it on. When our painting contractor is done with your lawn, no one will be able to tell if it is paint or not. You will have the healthiest looking, greenest lawn in your Campbell neighborhood.

 Eichler Home Painting

Walls that are made from different materials need different paint jobs. The trim work, roof flashing, and exterior doors are all problems to be considered when painting an Eichler home. Your modern Eichler homes in Campbell needs careful trim work to keep the paint from being distractive so your beautiful home can be flawless. N Style Painting professional painters, in the Campbell area, paint Eichler Homes with ease. The clean work we provide without damaging anything will surely be the reason you give us a call back when it is time to repaint. Deck Staining & Sealing

Cabinets & Finishing

The sanding, the repainting, and finishing with a gloss is how we redo your kitchen cabinets or any other cabinet. Making sure that the paint is laid equally and thin enough is the first thing we focus on after sanding the cabinets back to their original material. N Style Painting contractors in Campbell are equipped with the best tools to paint your cabinets to your dream color and do it in the cleanest, fastest way possible. Our professional painters and contractors use top quality sealers and paints to assure durability and safety of your new cabinets. Finishing your cabinets with an amazing gloss sealer or any sealer of your choice so you can use them without worrying about scratches or dry paint.

Dry Rot Repair

Our Professional painters in Campbell and N Style Painting care about your health. Dry Rot is a fungus that needs to be taken care of immediately after discovery. Humidity is the lead cause of dry rot and the climate in Campbell is no exception to being somewhat humid and moist weather throughout the year.  While no toxic compounds are in the fungi, dry rot causing or activating asthma attacks have been documented. Taking care of Dry Rot should be done by professionals. N Style Painting, with the help of professional, trusted painting contractors, can take care of your dry rot for you before a paint job or on its own. We use the best fungicide to get rid of your dry rot problem so both you and your home stay away from any danger. Get in contact for a quote to get your Dry rot repaired by trusted professionals in Campbell, today.

What clients are saying about us

  •   Nick's crew just finished painting our master bedroom and bathroom, and did an excellent job (and we are picky :)! Everyone was very professional, friendly, and punctual; the work was done in the time estimated. Great job of prepping the areas and cleaning up afterwards. We highly recommend Nick and his team!

    thumb Patrick M.
  •   Top quality client-driven painting company.

    We are so pleased with the experience and results!

    Our dining room never could look better. I gave them the color and the photo of exactly what I wanted and they delivered.

    We had the ceiling and walls painted with baseboard,  crown molding and wainscoting installed. See photo.
    Honest, professional, big enough to meet our needs with adequate personnel to deliver results and finish in a very timely fashion.

    Yet small enough to be dealing with the owner throughout and giving us the final touches we wanted.

    The crew was so nice and respectful of our property. They did a great prep job and we are very happy with how everything turned out. Very well done, and we couldn't recommend them more.

    N-Style Painting are folks we highly  recommend to others.

    thumb Diane S.
  •   Excellent overall. Nick and his team are all very professional and responsive. I had the exterior of my house painted. It looks great.

    I decided to get a portion of my bathroom wall replaced, because one of the painters discovered water damage inside it.  Bernardo is a skilled carpenter who can fix any issues that come up. He did an excellent job replacing that wall.  Another guy (I forget his name) meticulously replaced all the bathroom tiles on the interior side of the wall.

    thumb Elise B.
  •   Professional and thorough.  extremely happy with the job they did.  Hard working crew who is good at their job.

    thumb Joseph R.
  •   N Style did an absolutely gorgeous job on refinishing our sun beaten down door and we could not be more pleased with the results. Highly recommend!!!!

    thumb Kelly B.
  •   We worked with Nick on a moderate remodel of our house, which involved removing a large entertainment center, cabinet painting, drywall repair, and painting the entire interior and exterior of the house, including windows. The quality of the work was top notch and the painters worked with us to ensure that we got what we wanted. We will definitely be using them again for future projects.

    thumb Greg B.
  •   Nick and his crew did a fantastic job patching and repainting ceilings, walls and installing baseboards in bathrooms after we had some previous electrical work done with another firm. The crew arrived on time daily, carefully covered all living space and floors with protective plastic before starting their work and they worked very diligently to complete the project thoroughly and on time. I strongly recommend their services. Nick is also very easy going and made the quote and project scheduling and execution process a breeze.

    thumb Ashwin W.
  •   Top marks to Nick, Fernando, Chorty, Juan and Victor.  Once we were on the schedule, Nick was very proactive, keeping us informed at every step.  They came out two days early to pressure wash the house.  Painting (exterior) done on schedule (one week for a 2300 sq. ft. two-story house) and on budget.  Wood repair done above and beyond, on schedule and on budget.  All personnel were highly personable.  Very pleased with the results.  I recommend N Style without reservation.

    thumb Kenneth I.
  •   I would highly recommend N Style Painting. They provided a phenomenal service painting the entire interior of the house including the wall, doors, trims, baseboards, cabinets, and very high ceilings. Roberto and the crew were amazing, their work was of high quality, the team were extremely professional, always punctual, they kept the areas clean, were efficient, and very flexible working around my entire family while we stayed in the house. I loved that the team were able to fill/patch up all the cracks, holes, and dents throughout the house after which you would never know they existed. I was also so grateful that the crew were able to move furniture and cover them with plastic and cover the floors while painting and loved that at the end of each day the areas would be uncovered for the family to use. The  detailed quote and color consultation that Nick provided were extremely helpful and we very happy with the referred selected paints. Gonzalo helped walk us through the process on the first start day and was extremely helpful in accommodating changes and completing our final walk through. We were very very happy with the beautiful end results.

    thumb Seema O.
  •   N Style painting did a phenomenal job on our project. Roberto and Raffi who came out for the painting were an excellent team, always punctual and paying attention to every last detail. They pointed out that the paint we supplied to match the walls wasn't exact and a separate crew came out to make sure everything was done correctly. Our ceilings are very high and we had unfinished picklewood so the job was tedious and incredibly time consuming but we couldn't have been happier.

    Wholeheartedly recommend N Style painting and will definitely use them again in the future! Nick is super responsive and a pleasure to work with as well.

    thumb Mary R.